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Der Spa 'Remedies of Life'


Der Spas are born from passion with respect for all the uniqueness of each individual is the foundation of our spa experiences. Our treatments are design from both Asian & Western technique which had been passing on for century to stimulate emotion, for health and beauty remedies by making use of spices, herbs, aromatic oil, and hands technique, of ancient healing power. Under our highly trained therapist with personalize service in a total bliss environment for maximum indulgence.

Massage & Spa Treatment available indoor and by appointment only.

Indulgence Massage Therapies

Harmony Aroma therapy

This is a combination of a sense of smell and touch to achieve a healing effect on the whole a selection of essential oils will be presented to you to choose from the pressure point massage that will leave you calm balance and relaxed.

Der Spa Signature

Balancing Massage combines the ancient healing arts of Thai and Indonesian massage techniques. This massage concentrates on pressure points throughout your entire body, helping to ease muscle tension, while improving blood circulation.

Hai Maui (Thai Yoka with hot Compress)

Stretching, acupressure and hot herbal compress combination with utmost in muscular and mental relaxation.

Body Scrub

Herbal Refresher

A terrific way to rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin, your body with a mixture of water, aromatic oriental herbs salt and yogurt. This body treatment helps to gently remove dull surface skin cells leaving the skin clean, soft and revitalized.

Coconut Rub

Enjoy the fresh young coconut rub, rich in vitamins, mineral and enzymes with a mixture of water, young coconut, and milk yogurt. This treatment will leave your skin clean, soft and revitalized. The perfect ingredient is to nourish skin

Coffee & Citrus Cleanser

An exotic blend of fine sugar, Coffee grounds, Spice Citrus and While Clay provides effective exfoliation and energizing and uplifting body treatment to your skin. This body scrub to remove unpleasant surface skin cells leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Body Conditioner

Herbs & Aromatic oil Enricher

A beautiful, aromatic body rubs using natural honey and sesame seeds to exfoliate and nourish the skin. Followed by white clay body wrap this treatment increased circulation and also detoxifies your skin.

Aloe Vera Healer

Aloe Vera are known for their healing and purifying properties. This treatment reduces body treatment, moisturizes and encourages new cell growth. Excellent for sensitive skin and sunburn.

Facial Treatment

Anti­ – Aging Facial

Age –old natural skin healers, the principle ingredients of this facial are honey, tomato and carrot mask. The natural ingredients reduce the discomfort of skin irritations and steam infection while promotion new cell growth.

Nourishing Facial

A terrific blends of Thai herbs, a unique of Thai treatment. In treatment with Spiraling, this mask is enriched with skin nutrient, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to promote healthy, lively skin cells. Reduce skin inflammation and skin sunburn problem.

Bath and Steam Ritual

Honey & Milk Bath-softening

A luxurious blend of honey and milk to nourish and hydrate.

Floral Jacuzzi Bath –Exotic

An enchanting combination of local flowers and essential oil to unearth your inner calm.

Refreshing Steam

Inspired by the healing properties of Thai herbs, this exotic ritual provides nutrition to your body and energies your soul.

Spa Packages

Pampering [2hrs]

  • Refreshing Steam
  • Aromatic Bath
  • A Choice of Aroma Massage

After Sun Soother [2hrs]

  • Refreshing Steam
  • Honey & Sesame Scrub with Aloe Vera Wrap
  • Body Conditioner
  • Hands Massage

Der Royal Thai Retreat [2.5hrs]

  • Refreshing Steam
  • Aromatic Bath
  • Der Royal Thai Massage
  • Foot Massage

Romance [3hrs]

  • Refreshing Steam
  • Honey & Milk Bath
  • A Choice of Body Scrub
  • A Choice of body Massage
  • A Choice of Facial Treatment

Honeymoon [4hrs]

  • Refreshing Steam
  • Floral Jazzuci Bath
  • A Choice of Body Scrub
  • A Choice of body Wrap
  • A Choice of Aroma Massage
  • Spa Snack
  • Refreshment
For more information Tel; 077 – 232 240

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